Thursday, October 25, 2007

interesting day

Little boys need a variety of activities and today had a few. For those who read in earlier posts about praying at the table, I'll share this extra. Today when I said it is time to pray, it started a "broken record" of prayers and the boys started saying them. They would start with the thank you God and mumble something after that. I usually thank God for the day, the food and each of the boys by name. And so after a couple of time of that I asked who is going to thank God for Mama. And Erik was quick to say Thank you God for mama. They were interested in trying on our large shoes and walking around the house.

The pictures tell as much. And today I asked our coworker Michelle if we could come to visit and see her little dog. It is trained, but quite energetic. Unfortunately, for as much as the boys love dogs, they are quite scared of them. They have been taught that dogs bite. And so we wanted to introduce them to a friendly dog that likes people. And this one ran up to the door as soon as we entered. The boys screamed and clung to me. But little by little we could show them that the dog does not bite, that the dog likes to get treats and so on. But Augenijus is still quite afraid. Even looking at a picture of a dog that he has seen in our album before he now seemsscared of it. It will take time. They still like seeing the little dog from a distance though.

Today we also used kid's clay- firmer than playdough-for the first time. I started rolling it out and realized we could make snakes. Was not sure what they would think of that. But they decided that was great fun and they can make the snakes "bite" mama. Augenijus especially seemed to like wilder play. Taking naps is still a challenge. They agreed to go to bed if they could go together. But in the end that just does not work and one got moved to another bed. Today I spoke with the director again. She says we should be able to get a written permission to have the boys from the Adoption service in Vilnius right after the court hearing. And then we can have them basically right away. That probably means Friday after the court date, if it is settled in one day. We have heard of some families that had to come back the next day for the answer from the judge. Then we will probably arrange to take them back for a good bye party.

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