Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today is Sharon's birthday. We expected the event of the day to be the little party we would have in the afternoon. When we arrived there was another plan presented to us.

First of all we needed to be watchful of the boys, they had both done something to seriously upset the caregiver and one of them hurt another boy. So mama was asked to add to the discipline and correction.

Then the caregiver suggested it would be really good if we got the boys haircuts today. Erik has curly hair so then thought a basic job like they do there would not be so fitting. Anyway, we did get appointments for them both at 2 in the afternoon. That was right at naptime.

But circumstances led to putting one down earlier for a shorter nap and the other seemed to do OK for one day without a nap.

We invited friends Vaidas, Gina and daughter Ema to join us for the celebration with cake which the boys were waiting for all day.

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Perry said...

Gregg & Sharon,

I hadn't realized you guys had a blog about the adoption process, and then I saw it listed in your Skype account.

They are BEAUTIFUL little boys! And the stories you are sharing are amazing. Please keep it up! The story about the washing machine is especially funny - I'm wondering what they are going to do when they see the 'wonders' of Pennsylvania.

Just so you know, I think that Erik and Jevgenij (It looks like it should be "Yevgeny" which is the name of an engineer I know from Israel) have hit the jackpot with you two.

Michelle says I am to tell you both "Happy Birthday" but I think you've got the best of that from those two little boys.

And when you bring them home, they get to spend a day in DC with us, right?