Friday, October 19, 2007


Earlier this week we awoke to a warm apartment- a noticable change! It was a challenge the day before to keep all of the rooms warm for the boys with one electric heater. But now I will probably have to watch they don't get too warm when they come here. The usual is multiple layers. And until it gets to the coldest of winter, when the heat is on, usually only 1 layer is needed in our apartment.

Today I had the experience of riding a bus to Silute. (Gregg had a full load going to youth group this evening, and I wanted to go a little early to check out a few more used clothing stores.) Somehow I thought maybe by now the European union standards would be used for bus rides. But there is definitely a logistics problem with Friday afternoon public transportation to Silute. So while I sat in an old bus for 25 and 12 more people stood for the hour, I tried to think of what I could be thankful for.

Colors of fall (Even inside the bus- bright oranges and reds, dull yellow), The doors opened every 4-5 minutes at another stop letting in fresh air!, Lithuanians a rather quiet, so it was peaceful time to think, I am just old enough not to feel completely guilty when the grandmothers complain loudly that the younger generation is not trained well to give up their seats.

It is also just nice to ride through the country side in fall. And in the end I found a few more bargains. And spent some time with Modestas and Ramune and their children which never seems to happen often enough.

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