Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today was another visit at our apartment. But before we got there it seemed like nice enough weather to be outside in the new rubber boots.

I definitely underestimated how messy that could get! We found some large puddles on our way out to the see and Augenijus especially likes to make as much of a thump in the puddles as possible. I did not realize until we were home and getting undressed that both boys boots were filled with water! Of course pants and one snow suit needed a lot of attention. And we needed different clothes.

Imagine take two of the washing machine episode in the last entry.- squeals again and trying to figure out what was going on in there.

Probably the more memorable thing for me- other than how really exhausted I am at the end of this day- (which by the way is Gregg's birthday, so there were extra things to plan and accomplish)is what happened at the table.

They like sitting at the dining table. And I need to get there attention to other things since they want to keep coming back to the table. A couple days ago we started the tradition that when we have lunch we stop and hold hands and say thank you to God for the food and the day (in Lithuanian). I said the last time that we should close our eyes and demonstrated. Well today they wanted to do it more than once. Erik even repeated some of the words that I would say.

Today I also made paper cards for the boys to color for Gregg's birthday. In August, I brought a template of cars, plane, boat which I had for scrapbooking. So I drew the outlines for each of them. Erik was able to color inside the outlines which we had not seen him do before.

For those not familiar with living conditions here, having to wash the boys clothes makes a more complicated day. We do not have a dryer- most of our friends here do not. The heat is not on yet and that means that we cannot use the hot water radiators to dry clothes. We do have one portable electric heater that looks like a radiator, and one small electric rack in the bathroom. Of course not everything gets dry in a days' time.

Daytime temps need to be below 50 F consistently for the heat to be turned on and we have not hit that consistently yet. Nighttime is getting down in the 30s now, so we do notice it in the apartment.

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