Sunday, October 14, 2007

ducks and swans

Today we were in Silute for the morning service. A friend and his wife from Siauliai was there and he preached. We did not realize we would meet today, nice surprise. And a reminder once again that people in many places are reading our blog and learning about our journey getting to know the boys!

We were also duly warned that there will be hard days to come. Perhaps we have made it sound like it is one amazing honeymoon. Who knows, maybe comparatively it is since we do not have the 24/7 responsibility yet. But the other reality is that we do not write all of the struggles in detail here. This is a rather public forum when it comes right down to it. And we realize that the picture we are painting now may come back to us and to the boys. So the interesting and fun developments are most of what you will continue to find here.

We went to the Palanga park today in the later afternoon to see the ducks at the pond, but especially the 2 white swans. Next time we will take bread along, but we enjoyed seeing others feed them. And in the end grabbed some grass like others did for the swans which they seemed to enjoy.

Augenijus wanted to be carried most of the time today, but we did encourage him to walk some too. He is just cute enough that he has about trained his caregivers to give him or allow him whatever he wants. We are not continuing that trend, but it is not easy to look into that cute face and not smile and not give in!

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