Saturday, October 6, 2007

home visit

Our friend Barry Freed who is also a missionary with EMM was by today and took some pictures for us- thank you Barry! To get all of us together and looking pleasantly toward the camera is quite a task.

We'll have another outside picture another day.

I discovered as I pulled out some pants to replace ones that got wet and dirty from being outside, that I don't have ones small enough for Augenijus... So that will be a chore for this coming week. (And Erik effectively has more than I thought now and some to grow into.) I think I was judging from sizes they wear in orphanage clothing, but not all of that is necessarily the right size. It is what they have available and washed at the moment. When we take them back with clothes from us, it is a toss up whether they will have them the next time or not.

But for all the things I would do differently, I don't have an institution to run and my ratio to the boys- though at time overwhelming at 2 to 1 is not 5 to 1!

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