Tuesday, March 31, 2009

adenoid surgery - take two

Hmm. I took Erik to the ENT today because I was not sure about his hearing. Sometimes it seems fine, other times he complains he cannot hear. And he tends to talk loud. He also has speech problems, does not clearly pronounce words.

I expected to hopefully come away with reassurance that I was just a worried mom. Nothing more to do about it.

But, the Dr. says Erik also has enlarged adenoids that should be removed. That they are in part related to the speech difficulty. (the first words out of his mouth, she said- sounds like enlarged adenoids) And that removing them should affect his hearing positively as well.

From what I read so far via internet, it makes me want to pay more attention to his breathing and especially observe while he is sleeping. The most conclusive reason for the surgery would be obstructed airway. There was a time that he woke up a lot during the night... Might have been same time as he was fighting a cold, I don't remember... but was he having apnea? maybe.

Well, we also are waiting for a meeting tomorrow with some people at LCC to clarify what kind of immigration issues have come up for us. We are clueless so far... the only unresolved issue is that we have not gotten the notification that the boys LT citizenship status was revoked, which needs to happen before we can file the papers for them to get permission to live in Lithuania....

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