Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun weekend

On Friday evening we enjoyed the company of our friends Modestas and Ramune and their kids- Danielius and Dorateja. It was a good chance to see how much our boys can communicate in Lithuanian as well. It took them a bit to "warm up" but after a while they did play well and Erik communicated a good amount. David has much more English mixed in when he talks.

Saturday we went to a work party of sorts out in a village about 25 minute drive from Klaipeda. The group was mostly people related to a Cancer center that is to be developed in Klaipeda in coordination with the Franciscan brothers. Gregg enjoyed some physical labor. And I helped move some branches, but the boys enjoyed exploring and so it kept me moving as well.

We also observed how to get "sula" juice from birch trees. A hole was bored into the tree not too far from the bottom. Then a branch carved to be a little spout. The liquid is the consistency of water, almost clear. Usually it is kept for a while till is turns a little stronger in flavor. The Franciscan brother who tapped this tree is also in the English class I teach on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. He is an avid outdoorsman, mushroom expert and knowledgeable on lots of things in the forest. So when the boys did not want to come inside, he took them on a tour to see things in the forest and told them about creatures that lived there. He also introduced us to spring garlic- leaves poking from the ground. The first vitamins of the season in the old times, so it was a popular thing to gather. It has a rather strong garlic taste indeed.

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