Saturday, April 4, 2009

A day out and other news

After a quick trip to the market in the morning we headed out to HBH near Palanga for some outdoor play with the boys and good food too. We were also able to make a comparison video to 18 months ago, quite short actually, of the boys using the sliding board. They are much more mobile now, and use English of course- and just noticably more language. Will try to post the video here too.

We have not heard yet what the details of the immigration issues are that we will be facing, but apparently it is related to the boys having gotten US citizenship.

This week I took opportunity to check with some at preschool about whether they have seen signs that adenoid surgery will benefit Erik. The teacher says he breaths with his mouth open a lot and she and the speech therapist think it will probably help and certainly won't hurt.

I am more convinced that David needs it. He had trouble breathing some the last few nights, can hear the obstruction when he breathes. He also has come down with another infection. Low fever this afternoon after we were home from the outing. He had a little sore throat when he first woke up this morning but it seemed to go away and he had no fever.

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Darlene said...

Aunt Darlene says, Yay for the horses in the photos! It looks like a fun place to play! I'd really be jealous if the horses were real! Glad to see how our nephews are growing and learning! Love to all 4 of you.