Saturday, March 14, 2009

going out as a family again

We have had another week of sickness, but by Friday the doctor was saying, get out in the fresh air on the warmer days, so we did! We took the ferry and walked a ways to the delfinarium for the first live dolphin show the boys have seen.(Of course warmer in Lithuania in march is a relative thing, thus we are rather bundled up)
Also see: for a video on the ferry.

On Friday we had a visit to the ENT speciallist. David has enlarged adenoid tissue at the back of the throat and nose. Unless he gets surgery we will have ongoing colds and the like and eventual loss of hearing we are told. Don't know others with experience in this procedure though I know it is sort of common too for kids. Anyone with experience is welcome to encourage or inform! He has to get over the current cold and bilateral ear infections first.

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