Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a different perspective

Today we visited a local child psychologist with the goal to see what resources are available for counseling when dealing with complicated behavior patterns. We also wanted to get an opinion on whether having the boys in full day preschool is in their best interest or if a half day would actually be better.

The psychologist was a nice woman, very knowledgeable about normal child development and able to explain some foundational things that were helpful or that confirmed what we are doing.

She also had toys for the boys to play while we talked and she talked with them a little at the beginning and then was observing as we talked. From her perspective, from what she saw in one visit, the boys are behaving normally for their ages.

She did not have background in adoption issues, awareness of fetal alcohol syndrome, and perhaps not even attachment disorder. All these things are a well worn path for us by now and we anticipate many psychologists in the US would be very familiar with them.

We are welcome to come back in a few weeks and she will interact with the boys further and respond to any specific questions we may have about their behavior.

Regarding the preschool she did say that as a psychologist she has to say that the Lithuanian preschool system is not good for children for a full day. There is not enough space, not sufficient caregiver to child ratio, and children become stressed from being in that system. They can get what they need from preschool in the half days. (This has been our growing suspicion)

On a totally different note-

We have uploaded a fun video from today where the boys are playing Candy Land, a game that was just sent to us in the mail! you will find it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-w0Jj6Gui4

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