Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He's really 4!!

David's birthday was this week. I have to admit these pictures do make his look closer to 4 than how I often think of him! He helped pick a cake at the store, with fun looking bees on top. Inside it was layered (all cakes here seem to be multiple layered) and once he got to the part with plums, he kind of gave up on the cake ;)

We also did the local tradition of lifting the birthday person on a chair for the number of years of the birthday. At this size Erik was able to help and I could get a picture!

David and Erik were blessed with gifts from family members in the states as well as the things we got so they had quite a time of opening gifts. Later in the evening as David thought about it (I guess we were looking at pictures I downloaded to the computer already) David asked- where is the tree?

Well, at least there is some brightness to this week, excitement over the new things. The boys did not really know we were planning a road trip for a few days. But our health is not up for that so we are at home for the LCC break week.

Took David to the doctor today and got a referral to the ear nose throat doctor and we go on Friday. David gets quite frequent colds so I hope to understand a little better after this how to help him the best.

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