Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to health?

Well, David got the OK today to return to preschool. There is still the decision to be made about getting adenoids taken out but it is not a rush and we are thinking to do it in May after Gregg is no longer teaching.

Erik complained about his ear yesterday so we had that looked at today and it seems he has wax buildup that did not move with a cleaning in the doctor's office. But with a few days of drops we should be able to get that cleaned.

And we think we are returning to a more normal schedule now this week.

Today we drove to the doctor in bright sunlight and we thanked God. It is rather rare to see the sun like that and we have come out of the season of long dark days now. We could even see it would be a bright day by 6:30 in the morning! We will change to Daylight savings time this weekend so that will change a little...but it will also mean that it is not dark yet at 8pm as long as it is not cloudy that day!

All of this after seeing snow for the last few days :)

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