Friday, March 27, 2009

Better news from preschool

Today there was opportunity to talk with the assistant director at the preschool and to Erik's teacher at length.

Regarding David, things apparently are not as troubling as I was led to believe earlier and in most ways he is not so different from others in his group, he does the things kids at that age do, rowdyness and all.

And there were never really big concerns raised about Erik, but I've wondered what really happens since there is more structure to his group. That group is filled with unique kids who apparently do not consider each other friends and don't particularly make friends. Erik tries and is encouraged for trying. The general skills for his age he is gaining though speech is a weak spot. He talks around what he wants to say, makes gestures and so on. But he does lack vocabulary and verbs so it is hard to say what he needs to say. And more difficult to answer something in front of the group. It is largely as I would have expected.

His teacher is very optomistic and says that even specialists cannot predict whether a child will have trouble for the long term with speech. There is a certain point that a language breakthrough happens in learning another language, and we have to wait and see when that is. She also believes the remedial help is available if needed for the future as well, if we continue in Lithuania and they attend LT school.

Erik tends to talk louder than necessary both at home and at school. After getting his ear cleaned out today I mentioned this to the doctor and now we have a referral for another doctor who can schedule a hearing exam.

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