Thursday, March 19, 2009

David's health

Not such good news. Yesterday when we when to the doctor, she listened to his chest and added the diagnosis of bronchitis. He did sound like it when he coughed too. he does not seem to have a fever with all this infection. But in 2 weeks the ear infections have not cleared wtih symptomatic treatment either.

So, antibiotics was the order of the day. And of course discussion about surgery to get the adenoids out... so we don't go through this over and over. And so he does not have additional issues like hearing loss, lack of oxygen causing decreased function of the brain etc.

I consulted with an American Pediatrician here who is volunteering at LCC (teaching anatomy and physiology). Sounds like though it is elective, probably the conditions for choosing surgery are there.
Maybe in April.

So, David is not back in preschool, which keeps Gregg and I running back and forth taking turns working and watching David.

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