Saturday, March 7, 2009

Uh- oh! Sick again

Lithuanian winter seems to get me most every year. And the last 2 years worse than before. (this from someone who barely had a sick day every 2-3 years in the USA)

Not much energy to tell the whole story, but we are all fighting something. David and I have it in the throat and 1 ear. And Gregg and Erik are fighting off symptoms with occasional complaints and need for a little more rest.

I invited our Landlord who is also a doctor to look at me again and she imagines it is a step away from Strep throat. So if half liter gargles with salt water don't do the trick by tomorrow, it is on to antibiotics again. :(

We were hoping to take a few days and go to Vilnius this next week - partly for a church conference and partly for a little vacation while LCC has spring break. But all of that seems unlikely now- at least for me.

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