Monday, March 31, 2008


Over the weekend things warmed up and our time changed- one hour ahead. The boys had a marvelous time with their bikes- it had been a couple of months. And Erik did much better on open spaces in the park. David Augenijus is still preferring to push on the ground with his feet and honestly it is probably faster that way that pedalling. He has amazing ability to figure things like that out biomechanically- how to position your body to accomplish things! Makes me wonder what he will do on a bike- or heaven forbid on a skateboard some day.

Erik likes to climb things and he taught his brother to climb a sand pile. And they both have an inescapable urge to collect sticks and to use them as leashes to "walk their dogs".

Sunday Gregg preached again in Silute and we returned home to meet with people from the church who were in Klaipeda this week. Each week we try to meet with someone of the church, if we are not hosting speakers from further away. Many times this also means going out to eat. The boys really like that.

Gregg has a full day at work preparing a math exam and having a review session as well as meeting with 3 different students as a mentor. Then we come home (I will go to pick up Erik and Gregg) and he will take David Augenijus to music lessons.

Before that I will have a ENT doctor appt. since I don't seem to fully get over my cold. The rheumatologist I saw last week did not find a reason exactly or definitive diagnosis for joint pain (much increased in my hands the last couple months) but said if there is an ongoing throat infection or tonsilitis that may be causing it.

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