Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today (and yesterday) we are off for another independence holiday. (That makes this coming Saturday a work day in LT) But 4 day weekends are good for eventually getting caught up and rest- which Gregg definitely needed today.

We were in Kaunas yesterday for a yearly conference of the Free Christian church. The churches of 6 cities gather for teaching and fellowship. There was a good room for the children and activities for older children. So we took the boys.

It was the longest trip they have had by car. And not the easiest, but it worked. We had a LCC student along with us as a caregiver designated for our boys, but it was good there were other caregivers too for most of the time. The boys enjoyed different toys and different kids to play with.

On Saturday we celebrated David Augenijus' birthday as a family and invited Steve and Betsy Dintaman to join in.

Today we are giving the rest of the cards we got in the mail- sorry we are a little behind here. And the soft stuffed ball my mother sent which is similar to the stuffed football in an earlier picture. When this ball was opened today, Erik said- you have a ball and I have an egg!

This birthday was more stretching for Erik (tends to be more jealous) and we did give him new things too. It was time for both to have new toothbrushes and boy was that a celebration, jumping around and wanting to carry them around with the new toys, not to mentioned renewed enthusiasm for brushing teeth.

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