Friday, March 7, 2008

Interesting sign

Today I gave Erik an envelope my sister sent with pictures of their children. Our boys have seen their pictures in our picture book of family which we made after the visit to the US last summer.

I mentioned that these children live in America, yes it is far away. He remembered we talked about the other pictures from the picture book as being in America. So he asked where was I when you went there? Was I here alone? Where was Augenijus?

Well, they were with their group. But at least for the current time he was no longer associating the group as where he belonged. He belonged with mama and Tetis- so where was he? why was he not in America with us!

Late afternoon, early evening we took a walk around town and to newer areas they had not been with me before. In the old town they finally spoke up they wanted to go to a restaurant and so I said we could find one further on the way to get juice. It probably would have been easier had I stuck to that plan, but once we got there I also ordered crepes with fillings for them from the children's menu (nothing for myself, since I usually end up cleaning up their plates.

They both wanted/needed to sit on mama's lap. It was easier to help them that way anyway. But it took longer than their attention span for listening/obeying mama. Getting out of there was not without a noticeable scene. But, it was progress in that a month ago I would have never dared to do it by myself. They are gradually listening more and can be reasoned with more than before.

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