Monday, March 3, 2008

good news

Erik did well enough in a half day today that he probably will do fine with full days the daycare teacher said. (Some of our friends spend a week or more with half days, and in some cases mama needs to stay along with them for a while) I thought at first that I may need to stay today, but eventually Erik came out of the corner where he was hiding and allowed me to help get him changed and ready to join his new preschool group. And after watching for a while, he saw some things he wanted to explore and off he went. Apparently he never asked for me after that. But he did come running when I came at midday.

Gregg did well enough of Sunday at the meeting that he has gotten himself a new job- temporary we hope. He is now going to be listed as the leader of the Silute church for official purposes. (The pastor we have mentioned before has moved to serve in Klaipeda). And a new church council was selected and we both were asked to serve. In the future as things stabilize after recent changes we hope that only one of us will be needed on the council. But we also need to pray for this. Small town churches in Lithuania are usually quite small and people are regularly leaving for larger cities or even getting out of the country when they can.

And I had a yearly followup with a doctor today which has been the case since a surgery I had a few years ago here. And things look ok.

I called the doctor's office about Erik's bruised face today since he still protects it. I was advised to bring him on Wednesday if it is still hurting him. It is not so swollen but since he protects it and worries if I want to touch his face, it may be best to get it checked. I read on the internet that a fracture in that area needs to be treated before 2 weeks go by.

Now Gregg just needs to catch up on some of his introverted time and we will be doing ok.

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