Friday, March 21, 2008

good signs

Today I met the speech therapist who will work with Erik because I needed to fill out a request form that allows her to work with him. She assured me that his challenges can be addressed. She also assured me that if David Augenijus starts in the fall that she will work with him too and things should be fine.

We are on the potty training theme lately, and more intensively now that we can give more undivided attention during the day. Gregg was home this morning and went through a good bit of laundry so we are not there yet. But, earlier in the morning it was kind of cute that the boys wanted to be without clothes for a while, and that seemed to help increase the awareness of getting to the potty. And he does like to handle it by himself- if he can get there in time.

I was in communication by email with a speech therapist who was able to send resources to help me assess where we are in speech development. It appears that both boys are a bit behind but not hugely and in ways that should be able to be improved with time and good stimulus.

We are still working hard on the thumb sucking issue because of the blisters, but last night was the first night in a week that I was not up for a few hours dealing with it- Hey! I feel much different in the morning having been able to sleep. (and all mothers of infants say Amen)

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Perry Lynch said...

Great news on the speech therapist. The first one you met with just assured me that governments the world over continue to hire least-possible-effort people most of the time, and that we should count ourselves as blessed when we encounter the exception.