Friday, March 28, 2008

getting back on track

Erik did return to preschool on Thursday and even though he coughs occasionally the teacher is not concerned about that. Erik was not so excited about heading back though. He does ok, but when we pick him up I can tell that it has been stressful in the way he behaves and it takes a while for him to settle and feel ok.

Tonight we had a little guest- Ieva Stave. She came with portable crib. The boys have enjoyed playing with her and her cat in the past and they did well together here too.

We parents have had a little adjustment to our perspectives and are a bit more at peace about the ongoing challenges.

And we've discovered the best way to help Augenijus with his thumb that still needs to heal is to tape mittens on both hands- taping them to the pjs! Not so many worries now, though he still wakes up some in the middle of the night and needs a bit of help settling.

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