Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Erik began preschool this week. After a strong start on Monday and Tuesday, he was much less willing to go today so we are back to half days for the next while. His biggest issue with going is the required nap time. Local custom in all preschools (and orphanages too) is nap from 1-3 pm. (actually they start as early as 12:30 and let them sleep until 3:15)And they must lay and must be quiet and may not read. We had tried to keep rest times but usually allowed books, now we need to change that habit so he can adjust for a full day later on.

I can better understand now why Lithuanian children are often up later than I am accustomed to in the states.

David is talking a little more each week and is missing his brother when he is away. We are making some small steps in toilet learning, but other things are much more interesting to him. Especially anything to do with water. He really does play well by himself too. But it was also fun and productive to have a little more focused one on one time with him.

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