Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today Erik stayed home from "darzelis" preschool.
He has had a cough as part of a cold for a few days and so we figure it is best to keep him in. He may be ok for going tomorrow, we'll see.

David Augenijus increases his repetoire of things to keep him awake at night on an ongoing basis. Mama and tetis find it a bit exasperating. He has a cold too but so far it was not as noticable as Erik's. In the last few days he is getting on to saying- "mano mama" my mama. This sometimes raised a question or objection from Erik.

Gregg is feeling the strain of being the one who can really get the boys to cooperate. They play around and make everything into a joke with mama, each of them outdoing the other till mama can not keep up. (and they are only 3 and 4 years old!) Pray for me! It is not always out of hand, but since Gregg gets a response it is really irritating to him when I cannot keep the behavior in line. The boys make more noise around him when I am here. And they often act like mama's boys- not wanting to do things with tetis if mama is around. Naturally Gregg points to the reality that with him they must behave.

I have not seem myself as a push over so this all is a bit stressful to handle for me emotionally.

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