Friday, March 14, 2008

a little scare

Last night before bed David Augenijus complained of his thumb hurting. Sure enough there was a big blister on it. He sucks this thumb for sleeping and many other reasons so at first I thought it was his usual complaints about that thumb.

But we needed to protect it and so we used a bandaid and a mitten and fixed it in place. I rocked him to sleep eventually and he was tired enough that that lasted for about 6 hours. Then he was up and picking at the wrapping. After 90 minutes of trying everything I could think of, I let him go with the thumb.

But by morning it had two black looking blisters! So off to the doctor. Seems it is blood blisters from the sucking. So we are back to tackling the formidable thumb sucking (psychological security issues around the clock).
It is a little tough because he is not really ready to fully trust me or to take comfort from me on an ongoing basis. We still have some of the attachment issues to work with and this is yet another evidence. Probably some males out there reading this will say it is just the male thing- ok not to need mommy. Who knows. There are certainly other times of day he is happy to demand help.

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