Monday, April 21, 2008

update on Sharon's health

I'm getting some comments that it is hard to follow what is going on with my health through the blog.

So here it is.
My first concern was my stiff and sore finger joints. It changes some but continues to be and issue at night and on first awaking. So that is why the testing by rheumatologist- only to find nothing conclusive in terms of arthritis. Thus the referral to see ENT and see if infection might be the cause.

ENT recommended tonsillectomy (inflamed throat and tonsils seen to be possible contributor to joint problems), allergy work up and endoscopy (tube down your throat to check stomach).

Allergy work up so far did not explain the winter symptoms but the blood work result should come in this Thursday. Nasonex has done wonders for the post-nasal drip and throat cleared quickly for the most part.

Endoscopy happened today, mild irritation of tube to stomach from reflux of acid. Medication prescribed, but not too serious.

Will see another Dr. in Vilnius (Australian Lithuanian with private practice) on May 6 whom I have seen before in the pre-adoption screenings. (He will also need to evaluate the boys for US embassy medical approval). Prior to that I will get some testing done and take results to him.

Due to our moving and soon departure from Lithuania for summer travel, I put off surgery. Maybe after a different schedule and some assistance in attending to the boys the stress level will be less and symptoms will melt away.

Not sure, the joint symptoms are as troublesome as they were, but my old PT training just tells me it is arthritis on the way. Would that we would be able to prevent it though!

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