Thursday, April 10, 2008


This post is about the mixed up language we have in our family for the time being. The newest which did really make me laugh was today when David Augenijus said Noriu painti. He seems to understand the LT grammar that at the end of verbs is "ti" most of the time. So he wanted to paint= painti.

Another- mano ride bike. Neither of the boys gets the idea that ride bike includes a verb. So my bike is mano ride bike.

And from all the different language going back and forth, mama and tetis have a hard time not mixing two languages in one sentence.

We are using a lot more English now but with the boys answering in Lithuanian our brains get it mixed too.

But sometimes they get it right. Like "I'm finished".

In other news, our blog is read by people in many places and last night we were contacted by one of you offering to pick us up as we fly into DC and bring us to PA. That will help us not to worry about catching the flight coming through immigration with the boys- and keep us from waiting 6 hours longer in the airport for the last flight of the day. We are blessed to see how God provides.

Now we are hoping for His good provision in housing and wisdom as we look at one half house on Friday.

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