Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today we achieved another landmark- the boys being able to play outside without being in direct view of mama (or tetis). Though at age 4 it is something we expected would happen, today was the first that Erik was comfortable going out to play with his brother in the back yard.

He propped the outside door of the building open. And he wanted us to leave the apartment door unlached as those two door do lock. And then he seemed to be ok. We are on the first floor and so they went in and out and in and out... you get the picture.

Yesterday the boys and I went to LCC for the end of semester BBQ- hotdog roast. It was an adventure on the bus with two of them and the large ball they wanted to play with.

Sometime when blogger will allow for pictures I will add a few. But just now, I cannot upload the one of David eating an LCC hotdog!

I guess it is now spring. The days are warmer, there are some early flower and some trees are beginning to get the tinest of leaves coming out. And the heat went off on Friday afternoon. (Our next apartment has its own heat system we can self regulate- which will be convenient. Now our natural source of drying out clothes on the radiators is gone, so we keep hoping for good weather and chances to put many things outside)

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