Tuesday, April 8, 2008

but first we move

Last night we got the final word- we do need to move before leaving for the USA because the landlady needs the apartment by July 1 and we are gone at that time.

So, there is a lot to do in the next 4 weeks! (but, hey, I did it in less than 2 weeks notice before- but without children)
and one thing that we do not have time for is this surgery. I have become less sure it is the thing to do with every passing day.

Today I also got a panoramic xray of my teeth to be sure nothing infectious is going on there. And I have it in hand for 50 Litas. Though that is not a small sum in the eyes of local people, it is quite a fraction of what I remember paying 5 years ago in the USA.

I will probably do an update to this post after seeing the allergy doctor this afternoon.

So the update is...
The basic testing shows definite allergy to all that blooms in June. And they ruled out household dust (which was a possibility in my mind considering how dust accumulates quickly here) But that does not answer the question of why winter symptoms. So more extensive testing through blood test is needed.

The other update is...
We are getting tickets to fly to the states on the 14th of May.
And there is a half of a house in the northern end of Klaipeda for us to consider in the moving decision.

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