Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We have decided on the apartment that we saw after meeting with the owners Sunday night. It will have much more space than where we live now. We are looking forward to that and realize now that we have been stressed out by being in cramped quarters.

Yet there was something we liked about being here too. The center location has been quite nice. And getting to the park is really very easy from here. Since the boys could be outside more, it does not seem quite as cramped.

We will gradually move things there starting finals week after Gregg gives his final that Monday. And we have until May 11 when we will be out... and on our way to Warsaw and the USA.

I called to finally cancel the surgery that was going to be this coming Friday. My throat and general health has improved noticably in the last couple of weeks. (Thank you for all who have been praying about this!)

I still have stiffness in my fingers at night, but I will think about that more again in a month when we have set our feet down in the USA (and maybe I can rest a little).

We are going to be able to live a little more environmentally friendly now that we are not taking buckets of diapers out anymore! It has been 2 days of no accidents, even at night. THere will still be some here and there but it is quite different that it was a month ago! It just seems that when it was time it happened quickly.


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Perry Lynch said...

Oh well. At least you can delete the spam when it shows up ;-)