Sunday, April 6, 2008

coming to USA

We were in the process of ordering our tickets for expected end of May visit to USA when we discovered that the summer season begins already the middle of the month.
So we don't have a definite date but it looks it will be earlier, before the 15th.

We anticipate being based at Gregg's parents' home in Manheim again. And from there have visits to NJ as well as some special time at his parents' condo in Wildwood NJ. That should be quite the experience with a family.

The boys are still battling coughs. And mama is working to get her strength back.

And the medicine that was given for sinuses and allergy symptoms has made quite a difference such that there is no longer any throat discomfort and it seems little immediate evidence to go through surgery at least not now. With the upcoming travel coming it would also not be best to complicate things. And at the end of the semester it was going to make life really complicated for Gregg and the boys, and the amount of help we could anticipate from LCC folks. But the allergy testing seems like a very good idea.

We have had quite a few days worthy of riding bike (up until rain today). And the boys do well enough that I can let them go with a student babysitter too. This feels like good progress.

We were in Silute as usual for Sunday service and a family we know from LCC were guests. We went to our favorite kids friendly restaurant afterward.

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