Sunday, April 13, 2008

"retreat" weekend

Well our schedule usually includes one weekend away with other Eastern Mennonite mission team members in the spring. This year we planned a more simple option with our more complex situation in mind and stayed in Klaipeda, hosting team member Barry here.
We did not spend all of the time together as Barry had some friends to see, and we also had some work commitments that were hard to get around. But we did arrange to get away on Saturday.
The boys got to stay with family friends in Klaipeda. Each of them in a differnt place. And it seems that worked very well. They played hard and missed naps so they were tired and it showed later on, but we were very happy it worked so well.
The boys were happy to see us when we returned but had not been distressed that we were gone. And they listened well aparently to their hosts.
Our trip was to the unique Nida dunes and quaint town. Seems like a desert and we climbed a lot of steps to get up to the top. We've been before but it is just such a unique place that it seemed like a breath of fresh air.

In Silute today we were happy to see a larger group. And as you see from the picture, mama had her hands full at one point! A LCC student that we know over the last 2+ years had the message today. We thought it went well.

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