Thursday, April 24, 2008

nepaliksi manes? (You aren't going to leave me?)

After our day away in Nida the other week we got the question at each new activity or temporary parting- you aren't going to leave me? Mostly it was Erik but when David also asked that got me attention. It could be that he was copying the concern of his brother.

But it seems the concern about that is passing. Or maybe it is just more under the surface. Both boys are a bit more clingy to mama lately.

I got results from the blood test for me, saying there are no allergies that showed up. Next Tuesday i will see the allergy doc. for any further counsel.

And we have a list of blood tests and so on for the boys and for me before going to the doc in Vilnius. Need to work on them over the next few days. Seems another long holiday is coming up. May 1 is a holiday and I notice a number of people marking callendars off May 1-5!

We have the other documents needed now- other than the medical clearances to proceed to embassy interviews.

On Monday we should get a key to the next apartment and can start the move!

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