Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas again

Well, this week the last box arrived of Christmas presents. So we had a mini party on Thursday morning before Gregg went to teach at LCC. Some really good puzzles for the stage they are at now, balloons, and a doctor's kit all made a lasting impression. And the peanut butter will make Gregg happy for a while too!

On Friday evening we visited at Pastor Modestas' home. That was a real delight for the boys, playing with totally different toys and with other kids. They will go again with Ramune after church when we have a member's meeting after church.

David Augenijus is maturing and becoming much more aware of himself and his communication is increasing. This makes it possible to do more talking about what we do and don't do and getting him to take responsibility for what he does.

Erik is also talking more. In fact on the way back from Silute he talked non-stop for 1/2 hour. Lots of impressions to work through. He made up stories and told some stories of what he has done in the past, mentioning various caregivers at the orphanage along the way. His language is much more Lithuanian, but he does insert a few words like "clock" and "ride bike". One still has to really concentrate and know his way of speaking since pronounciation is not so good.

Today Erik saw David Augenijus bring the baby carrier to me and we used it a bit, so he decided he wanted to be a baby for a while. He kept up the routine for an hour! So that gave a good amount of cuddling time and lovin' and attention. Then he started to gradually do more older child things. He also decided he would shoot with imaginary gun. (He does tend to talk about that kind of thing from time to time and had talked about being a policeman from his earliest conversations in the orphanage). Well mama does not like the talk of guns. So mama decided to play that the gun got her and she could not move. This eventually upset Erik so much he went running over to Gregg to be comforted. That was unusual for him. So mama explained what happened and he seemed to be OK then.

We are so amazed by the fine motor coordination that David Augenijus has. We asked for beads and string to be sent and I imagined larger beads, but he picked up these beads with great enthusiasm and with no model at all strung them up!

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