Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bible story time

We've added reading/telling a very short bible story to the bedtime routine. This is helped greatly by a toddler's bible story book my mother sent us. Each day has a picture with a pickup flap. And the boys say a thank you prayer after Gregg models it. (They are still competing for saying the prayers at meals.)

David Augenijus is beginning to say his original name Augenijus. Also a sign that we need to be more diligent if we want to make the switch in names.

We also tried dance class today. The group of children is a bit older than our boys and it might not work out quite yet. But there are more girls proportionally so if our boys would be up for it they would be eagerly accepted.

Next Monday we will try out a music class for toddlers. That will be a little young for them, but the only one available (not full) and the local Yamaha school.

Today was a work afternoon again for me. And I get greeted at the door with wild tales of what the boys had been doing for the day. They really get excited and I can barely make out what they want to say. My work now is preparations in the last week and a half before our yearly LCC (and local churchs) youth conference for Lithuania and beyond.

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