Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We are making some progress in getting the boys acquainted with some students who are eager to help with babysitting.

Tonight we were able to get out as a couple again. It meant teaching the boys the meaning of clean up again when we got home, but it was worth it.

It is quite a lot for a babysitter to manage these two guys if they are not sleeping, or not just waking up from sleep. And they immediately test to see if the new person will allow whatever they want to do. But they managed to eat supper and the babysitter said she survived. And that they weren't too bad.

In the morning we had another student here for an hour and a half so that I could deliver the copy of the court decision for the baby house, something that was due them some time ago. The director called after it and so that moved it up on the priority list.

There are still a few steps to go with documents before we can get the stamp in the passport that allows them access to the states. It feels like it goes forever, but some families get it done all within a week when they come to pick up their children!

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