Saturday, January 5, 2008

Soup for breakfast

Yes, they asked for soup for breakfast yesterday. And I was delighted. Though my health improved by Wednesday, then Erik got a chest cold and coughs periodically. So Chicken broth with macaroni letters was a good start to the day.

I'm learning good things about soup. Culturally here it is a way to get vegetables and also to get liquids. Having soup for first course means not necessarily serving something to drink at the beginning of the meal.

We had split pea soup for lunch which is one of my American favorites that they do like. And I decided to wait on the beet soup for supper til the next day. Though a local favorite they are moody about when they will eat it.

Temperatures down to single digits at night and the teens (Fahrenheit) make it a different experience than earlier. Though it also means more sun than we've been having. And since we have good heat in the apartment it is ok. The challenge is finding enough inside things to occupy 2 little boys energy. When they play nicely together it really is a joy to watch!

A student came by today for a while and she is volunteering to help here a day a week with the boys. Seems very promising as she is a very reliable and quite bright young lady. We are looking for a bit more of this kind of thing and the opportunity eventually to be able to get away for short times without the boys.

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