Wednesday, January 23, 2008

challenges and hope

The last 2 days were stretching every ounce of patience and I have found myself getting angry- suffering from a short fuse. It took me a while last night to work through and let go of those feelings. We had a number of students over in the last couple of days- ones who are willing to spend time with the boys or babysit.

Yesterday the comment was- I can see how this is hard to be with them all day- are they this noisy all day?

I took the evening away and got an outfit in my size.

But today seems like a different day. And part of it is the distance I had from part of a day at work.

And part of it is the news that one of the daycare/preschools closer to LCC where we work has space to take Erik and he can start in a couple of weeks. He won't start right away because he needs a medical clearance. And because chicken pox is going through the daycare at present- along with flu in season. The risk of sickness is definitely the downside of daycare.

The prices just went up from 100 litas per month to 160 per month. Plus you buy supplies. And Breakfast would be extra.

The building is not the most inviting place. I suppose something has been done to it since independence, but I'm not sure what. But the Director and her assistant seem to be bright people so I hope for decent teachers and good peer stimulation for Erik.

Meanwhile, Erik continues to want a good deal of attention. And hopefully he is getting the reparenting that he needs. He plays a rather restless baby in my lap. But he is accepting of affection and hopefully a healthy bond is growing.

We also have a first family doctor appointment for Feb. 5 for both boys. They are still LT citizens so that care and specialist consultations are free. We will likely get referrals to specialists for recommended yearly followups and as needed- speech therapy. Likely Erik will get his in school now.

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