Monday, January 14, 2008

Encouraging signs

From our time away at the winter garden in Kretinga

The afternoon away was very successful for us personally and also for the babysitter who stayed with Erik and David Augenijus on Saturday. Yay, yahoo, 3 cheers!!!
Thank you Ellie! She will also come for a few hours on Tuesday mornings.

Ramune (Pastor Modestas' wife) also commented about how the boys are responding better. We were in a restaurant together after church and we had done this a couple of times before. It was notable that Erik did not just say no and resist whatever I wanted him to do. He was curious about other people sitting at tables and would walk right up to them. But I could guide him away without making a scene. And they played well in the kids area and came to get us if there was a problem.

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