Saturday, January 26, 2008


Tomorrow is Erik's 4th birthday. We hope some of our friends and family may send some ecards over the next couple of days. Erik does really enjoy time looking at video clips and interactive things on the computer.

Since Sharon is responsible for coordinating the Saltshaker youth conference this weekend our celebration will be Sunday evening. So far it has been a good conference with many Lithuanian young people being challenged to know their creator and live out the things God has created them for.

Maybe we will organize a bigger birthday party for both of them close to the other birthday coming up soon -at the beginning of March. By then the circle of friends their age will be more developed and if there is a reason they both get attention and gifts there will be less jealousy.

We are glad the boys are still basically healthy with all of the others around who are in the flu epidemic. Mom and Dad are fighting the bug.

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