Friday, May 2, 2008

this and that

One of those amazing little boy moments happened yesterday- come mama- look- and they carried in a dead bird! I guess I only jumped inside myself- and then had to smile.

They enjoyed playing outside a lot the last few days which was great fun and dirt for them and allowed more time to work on packing for us.

We also had coworker Barry Freed around to help with getting things into the new place. Since it is 3rd floor it takes a while to get things up the steps. (and then it is two story inside, so things needed to go up another flight with a curve for "2nd" floor use)

Moving shows us just how much we managed to stuff into every corner and under everthing imaginable in our small apartment. And I needed to clean shelfs and surfaces in the new one today.

Alumni reunion at LCC tonight and Gregg's last night with the teens for this school year in Silute.

Then tomorrow is bachalaureate and graduation at LCC. Sunday is of course in Silute and an important members meeting after the service. Monday begins LCC board meetings. Tuesday we go to Vilnius for the embassy doctor visit and US embassy interview. (If all goes very well we return in the same day)

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