Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More new things

The train set downstairs is something we waited a while to show. It is quite large and has a lot that curious hands want to and feel compelled to touch!

They also eventually warmed up to Maggie who will become a weekly part of our stay when at the Brubakers. They are still quite afraid of dogs and both boys verbalized it clearly now.

Today was a first for pizza american style. Erik cried his way into the restaurant being sure he would not like it. Never was wild on it in LT. But, once he saw meat stuffed pizza that was a different story!

It has also been interesting to see the boys reactions to new things here. (Some are things we smile about when we return after being away for more than a year too!) Like lots of water in the toilet! And automatic faucets. And automatic garage doors. And today the automatically opening door at the post office.

And we hear a nice amount of new language already as well. Both boys are picking up English words here and there. They usually understand gammau and papa in English. And David is picking up some Lithuanian as well making longer sentences. Very interesting.

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