Saturday, May 17, 2008

little boys' paradise

Though adjustment issues are real (more later) there are many exciting and happy moments for the boys here. All forms of tractor like transportation. Gregg's father uses wheelchairs for getting around the house and electric ones for getting the yard work done.

And the grandmothers have had resources for great toys for them as well. Aunt Julie is an expert yard sale shopper and finally there is a good place to put the things! And families from our Lititz church also loaned toys.

The biggest challenges are for Erik who becomes easily overwhelmed with new people. So far he is meeting ones he has seen in our picture book and that we have talked about, but still he prefers to sit with mama or stay away in another room for a while. The other day after nap we had a visit from Gwen, Gregg's sister. We had not told them ahead of time that she was coming. This did not go so well with Erik, but after about 3 hours he was ok with her being there and interacted.

Yesterday we visited my grandmother at Landis Homes. And we met other family members they did not see in person yet. We talked about it ahead of time and they were understandably shy but it still seemed to go better with some preparation. It was a rainy day so they could not see the peacock that is the usual attraction for children there. But there was a miniture train set which they enjoyed. And grandma uses an electric wheelchair for longer distances and that was pretty cool too.

My mother and Aunt Julie (my sister) came over later after we saw them at Landis Homes. The boys, especially David were very excited to see them. It was good preparation for going to NJ for a while to see them next week.

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