Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the US!

We made it!

Wednesday was traveling day. We arrived at the airport with time to get breakfast after check in. The boys fought over hauling the carryon suitcase with wheels rather continuously. The flights went basically as expected. In the long flight a man in the aisle with 3 of our seats was willing to switch, giving Gregg the opportunity to switch with him and have an aisle seat. It was a sacrifice. But on the other hand, he would not have had peace in that seat anyway. It kept Gregg and I busy basically the whole 8 hours. Glad I do not have to do this again in the next couple of weeks.

They took 2 hours naps and then fought sleep once we arrived until almost the end of the 3 1/2 hour trip to Manheim (arrived about 7:30). Then we woke them up as we were getting to the house. They saw toys and that kept them awake until we insisted they go to bed some time later.

They were up by 5am. And we have done a lot already today. Now they are in naps (much against their wills of course) There are a lot of toys and there are tricyles and a tractor- and there are other things they have not seen yet.

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