Monday, May 26, 2008


I notice that the dates on the post correspond to time in Lithuania, not in USA in case anyone noticed a discrepency.

Sunday brought us to a first English Sunday school experience. Pastor Tim led the class and the Buckwalter cousins swelled the class to more than double! He did a good job with them along with my help focusing our boys and helping with some language difficulties. Their garbled pronounciation of English is tough for the first time hearer. But they seemed to understand a nice amount of what was happening. The focus was the same as they had in LT sunday school last fall- God's creation and care for us.

Then the church service where they remained throughout the hour. The layout of chairs is more similar to an upside down capital A where the speaker is between the 2 legs of the A. Erik requested to go to the front during the singing to be able to see what is going on. And I thought it would be best to go back later, but he thought otherwise. Some of the time they were on the floor with their spiral notepads, but they were quiet through almost the whole service! We could not have imagined that in Silute.

Then there was more extended family time which we spent at the church and the huge grassy area out back.

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