Saturday, May 10, 2008

last notes

We are on the eve of our travel. Bags basically packed, last goodbyes at the old apartment.

Some good news,the health work up for Sharon while we were in Vilnius shows that rheumatic fever connection to sore throat is not a problem for me. This means no surgery for tonsils needed. Some conservative treatment for the ongoing throat and nose symptoms with possible short course of antibiotics. And just to be sure about the joint pain, results for the LYME test come back Tuesday- after we are gone. (Should be able to get result by email in this case)

We are thankful for Betsy Dintaman who agreed to go with us to Vilnius tomorrow and drive our van back here. IT will get some use over the summer with some of our coworkers here.

9AM appointment in US embassy Warsaw on Monday morning. This is really happening!

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