Monday, May 12, 2008


We are at an apartment rental that allows for internet access!

Today we applied for the visas for the boys to come to the states. We were told we were approved and to come at 3 to pick them up. Except that when Gregg came, there was a paper that had not been done correctly and needed both our signatures. Gregg arranged for me to come right away when he got home. So I went to sign also. When they handed the documents for me to check, one of the boys was listed as female in the visa. So it has to be redone and could no longer be done today. Good we had planned the extra day here. (Though earlier in the day it felt like- oh, we could have flown tomorrow if we knew it would go smoothly)

Then there was time at a park nearby- excellent playground for kids.

And later in the day icecream which then resulted in a trip back to the room (nearby) to clean up!

Tomorrow we hope for a visit to the zoo after getting the corrected visa.

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