Wednesday, May 7, 2008

over one hurdle

There were some tense moments trying to get things done in one day with the trip to Vilnius. But on request the boys did sit still for one minute for a picture. The rest of the time they were working off the energy they could not expend with 3 hours of driving!

We did not expect to need to get a chest xray for them in addition to the doctor visit. (US requirement since they lived in an institution for a while) The doctor also said we needed passport size picture for the test- so off to get those taken.

At the embassy we got there 20 min. after closing time for those services. We are a known case though with frequent emails and questions over the last 2 years so, somewhere an exception was made and our clearance was given and we have the documents to go to Warsaw!

On the way back we stopped in Kaunas to eat at a mall with a large aquarium- and many other distractions too. And we got into Klaipeda about 10:30 pm.

We will do our best to move the rest of our things tomorrow and have a day for unpacking and then for cleaning here. And then we head out at 9AM on Sunday for Vilnius again to head for Warsaw. We head out from Warsaw early on the 14th.

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