Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day and now postponed surgery

The boys made cards with Gregg's careful guidance. I think the reason he succeeded with them is because they could use paints!
They were excited that there was going to be a gift to open. I think they felt it was a family gift. In a sense I guess it is- since Gregg saw it was time to replace the hot water kettle (which we use often for water for tea and for other uses when boiled water is needed).

Sunday also is when we realized that the surgery we had scheduled probably should not happen right now. We have a number of things going on including getting our visa renewals, and me getting a serious cold again. But the clincher is that David also started getting a cold and he is not to get sick for 3 weeks prior to surgery.

Oh well, we'll see what the allergy tests show- results on Wednesday, and maybe treat that first.

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