Friday, May 22, 2009

mixed blessings

Well, I have an even weaker immune system than David does it seems. My energy level is extremely low and activity makes me cough. It feels a lot like bronchitis. :(

So, Tonight I took to sitting in my bed with the laptop computer to entertain myself. The intention was to be quiet for the evening. The boys made their way upstairs and wanted to know what I am doing and of course wanted attention. I found some PBS games online and they crawled in bed with me. This for two boys who have basically avoided our bed for a year and a half. THere were a few rare exceptions this spring when they were scared at night that they were willing to be in bed with us, but only for a short bit.

We have been advised that next week is the time to submit the paperwork for the boys permanent residence permits to live in Lithuania. It took some reworking of our permits too to allow them to qualify. But hopefully we this is all moving ahead as it should.

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